Reviews and Feedback

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Here are some reviews and comments left by clients who have had either Vibrational Fascia Release Technique (VFRT) treatments, Biofield Tuning treatments, or a combination of Sound Therapies / Essential Oils treatments / Reiki treatments. Some reviews refer to Biofield Tuning ‘distance’ sessions …

“I have been feeling really good. Sleep definitely improved, not feeling tired when I get up and have been waking before the alarm. Feeling brighter in myself, too. Also feeling more confident [riding my horse].” (feedback 1 week after treatment)

ES, UK, Biofield Tuning & Essential Oils combo, May 2023

“Thank you sooo much for all my wonderful treatments, it was fantastic, I do feel so much better, you are amazing!”

CK, UK, Vibrational Fascia Release Technique (VFRT), February 2023

“Oh my we were both so relaxed it was unreal … we both really enjoyed it. We cannot wait to come back.”

AF and JP, Parent and Child Sound Therapy and Essential Oils Combo Session, November 2022

“This lady is the business, powerful powerful sound healer who can harmonize the energy of any number of areas of life, physical complaints, emotional resetting, unwanted energy dissolving .. whatever needs fixing in your life Lorraine is your girl. Personally she has helped me successfully with all number of issues, from initially feeling suicidal, to legal issues, to needing to clear past life energies, to mindset changes that occur almost instantly, to business abundance … Lorraine is the real deal, a skilled healer she heals with so much love, and is 100% worth visiting to bring a tonne more clarity , joy, and peace into any area of your life experience that needs it.”

VM, Biofield Tuning/Classic Sound Healing (in person and distance), September 2022

“Had my first session with Lorraine, and my back feels great! Not only that, she’s now doing aromatherapy; oils for my back and gave me something to knock me out and get decent sleep! Can’t wait for the next session … made quite a turning point in my health …

… Follow up comment: Epic night’s sleep and up at 6.30am ready for my day! … Lorraine is lovely, great treatment and won’t break the bank!”

Vince M, VFRT treatment and Essential Oils treatment, February 2022

“I had the best night sleep ever last night – thank you!”

Jackie H, combo treatment – VFRT, BT and Classic Sound Healing, February 2022

“My lovely Lorraine

Thank you so much for your precious time, for the wonderful treatment, and the invaluable conversation on Saturday! It all happened when I needed it the most. I’m still processing, as well.

I am also delighted to say that my ability to breathe comfortably has improved significantly. It is so refreshing to be able to take a deep breath in, and feel all that air flow trough my airways. Thank you for sharing your gifts and knowledge with me, I cannot express in words how much this means to me. I hope to see you again very soon!”

Maria K, Combo treatment – VFRT, BT and Classic Sound Healing, February 2022 

“I’ve had two sound fork treatments with Lorraine so far. She has a lovely, calming, encouraging approach. I have lived with chronic pain for 3 decades and tried just about everything, including studying several modalities myself, so I was deeply impressed – and extremely relieved!…when the first session shifted a major emotional block and the second nearly instantly resolved a flare up of sciatica/low back pain. I could feel the vibrations from specific forks touching tight and painful areas of fascia having immediate effect. Pain and stiffness levels decreased significantly by the end of the session…and even better the following day. I am excited about continuing treatments, and have no hesitation in recommending her as a therapist. Thank you, Lorraine.”

Julie C, Biofield Tuning and Vibrational Fascia Release Technique, May 2021

“When your back starts seizing up (again, but 6 months later) and you contact your sound therapist (who sorted a MEGA seize up last year) and she can see you that day and you wake up next morning completely pain free ……. you do a very happy little dance! Thank you Lorraine ! You and your tuning forks know me so well!”

Jane L, Facebook post 13th May 2021, Vibrational Fascia Release Technique

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the key worker session yesterday evening. It was good to stop and listen to the sounds and words, but I was a little sceptical about how effective it was. Then about half an hour in, I found myself totally immersed and centred. I didn’t stop to chat at the end because I was so relaxed and calm, I didn’t feel like talking. My cat enjoyed it too – he sat next to me all the way through!”

S.B. from UK. Keyworker – Relax and Recharge sessions, February 2021

“I attended a remote sound session which Lorraine kindly offered to key workers. Having only attended a group [live] sound session before I wasn’t sure about the remote aspect, but the session was really wonderful and even more relaxing for being snuggled at home and able to continue relaxing afterwards. Would recommend to anyone who is curious about the benefits of sound therapy, Lorraine has a lovely, relaxed calmness and combined with the sounds it felt very relaxing and healing, I slept like a baby afterwards too, thank you Lorraine!”

M.T. from UK. Keyworker – Relax and Recharge sessions, February 2021

“I have taken part in a number of Lorraine’s sessions on Zoom and found the sessions brought me relief from muscle ache and a better night’s sleep. Lorraine is very welcoming and provides a lot of additional, interesting information connected to the sounds and their treatments. Thank you, Lorraine, for your kind support.”

T.S. from UK. Keyworker – Relax and Recharge sessions, January and February 2021

“Lorraine puts so much time and thought ahead of her sessions which shows in their flow and how they come together. She is so knowledgeable and everything is introduced and explained – really engaging. I love these sessions – friendly, warm, informative …. and then sooo relaxing. Sound Therapy is the highlight of my week, it really is.”

A.C. from UK. Keyworker Relax and Recharge sessions, January and February 2021

“Such an incredible experience! Can’t believe how many different  sensations I noticed during the session. I truly feel uplifted and energized!”

Penny, UK Distance group session, 13th October 2020

Thank you so much for my therapy yesterday, I felt so much better as the day went on; still a bit emotional, but I suppose it’s got to happen to heal …

Chris K Distance treatments – Biofield Tuning, Classic Sound Therapy and Reiki combo

Being a therapist myself, but in different modalities, I am delighted to have found Lorraine and sound therapies … I can switch off and let her get on with it 🙂 I have had numerous treatments, some are a little painful as we work on my sluggish Lymphatic System, some have been sheer bliss! Now we are adding ‘face lift’ to end my treatment … Wow what a difference! I can’t recommend Lorraine enough, lovely lady, knowledgeable and very professional.

Jane L Vibrational Fascia Release Technique

I have been to Lorraine for help for the last three weeks. My daughter in law asked if I would consider going because I was suffering a lot of pain in my shoulder and hand joints. I must admit I was sceptical to finding any relief. I don’t understand how it all works but the relief I have had during these sessions is amazing. I can move my shoulders and am now typing this email with no pain at all. Thank you, Lorraine, you are wonderful.
best wishes

Josie L Vibrational Fascia Release Technique

Sound Therapy. As an open-minded skeptic of most things alternative I was prepared to give Sound Therapy a whirl. Lorraine explained that the sound waves emitted from tuning forks when pressed on your skin could act on muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, etc. and be used to therapeutic effect. (Raking through the debris of a long dormant science education, I recalled that cells resonate at a certain frequency and if sound can be used to cause serious discomfort, even death, why not for health-inducing purposes?) She worked extensively on my most obstinate limb and after three sessions it certainly felt better. The claim that sound vibration might help heal emotional trauma from difficult stages in a person’s life sounded like a Riddikulus spell from Harry Potter until, to my surprise, Lorraine accurately pinpointed a timescale for life-changing decisions in my life. Her presence is calming and emotionally nourishing and, although I am fortunate not to carry too much emotional baggage, it was a pleasant experience and left me physically and mentally refreshed. For those with more of life’s scars the luxury of undivided attention for an hour and a half could only be positive. Well worth trying a session.

Mel N Vibrational Fascia Release Technique and Biofield Tuning

A very powerful and positive way of raising energy vibration helping to heal on every level. I wholeheartedly recommend Lorraine 😇

Sally-anne S (distance treatments, Biofield Tuning, Classic Sound Therapy and Reiki combo)

I would highly recommend the sound therapy which Lorraine offers. It was a very pleasurable experience and has helped with both physical and emotional issues. Lorraine is very welcoming, professional and a bright positive person. Many thanks, Lorraine.

Freya C Vibrational Fascia Release Technique and Biofield Tuning

I was slightly sceptical but Lorraine worked wonders on my tennis elbow. I have been having pain in the arm for nearly a year but the sound therapy just relaxed and loosened the fascia and it is so much better. I would definitely recommend Lorraine and her sound therapy techniques

Judy C Vibrational Fascia Release Technique

I had to go to the Chiropractor to have my back realigned and afterwards was struggling with terrible pain in my neck, back and knee. I found after having 2 sessions with Lorraine the pain in my knee has gone and my back had started to feel a lot better. I highly recommend trying this sound treatment if you have aches or pains.

Carole W Vibrational Fascia Release Technique

Lorraine is very friendly and welcoming. She has helped me with both physical and mental issues, it’s very calming and relaxing. I would recommend to anyone. Thank you, Lorraine x

Karen M Vibrational Fascia Release Technique and Biofield Tuning

I would highly recommend Lorraine, Lorraine is the most wonderful lady and so welcoming ❤️ I didn’t know what to expect but it was very relaxing it felt amazing and released so much emotion I was holding, thank you xxx

Caroline W Biofield Tuning

As a window cleaner I’m constantly on the go and straining my muscles, today for the first time in months I can say I have freedom! Shall be booking in as soon as it’s needed again!

Vince M P Vibrational Fascia Release Technique

Thank you, Lorraine! The sound intervention felt like coming back to a peaceful home:) Warm hugs!

Delia C R Biofield Tuning

Having experienced one of your sessions, Lorraine, I have to say I think there is something ‘in this’. I feel more balanced, emotionally, after the tuning fork session. I will be having another.

Maria D Biofield Tuning

A sound therapy session with Lorraine is a flight into your soul were your body become light, your pain goes away and all your body, mind, and soul are one in the rhythm of Universal Light. Through the sound vibration, she gently discovers your shadows and lovingly brings you to be aware of them, and love what you were and what you are opening your life to, the way of freedom. Her voice can be calm and protective but sometimes becomes pure silver giving energy and cheerfulness. Thank you Lorraine!

Elisabetta M, Italy Distance treatments – Biofield Tuning, Classic Sound Therapy and Reiki combo

I have received sound healing treatments from Lorraine and appreciate that she is a very good sound healer. She has excellent knowledge of the body’s physical structures and components and has the confidence and ability to work deep when it is necessary. She is great with her extensive range of tuning forks and is able to clear negative issues and blockages from our past and thus free up the effect that these have on our present health. Lorraine has a wonderful presence and creates a really safe healing environment and I totally recommend her.

Paul B Biofield Tuning, Classic Sound Therapy, Vibrational Fascia Release Technique

Thank you for your wonderful Biofield Tuning session. Now I feel my body is so thin and all of me is so much lighter. We had three sessions and tonight it’s like I lost heavy weights all around me, in my field. These weights were as stones; my walking was so slow, and I was feeling so tired. With Biofield Tuning sessions I’m free from past memories, beliefs and their influence and I have the possibility to follow my mission in this life. Thank you again for your lovely sessions and I hope many people can have this great experience in sound vibrations! 

Elisabetta M, Italy Biofield Tuning – after third distance treatment

The healing treatments I have received through Lorraine have been quite profound. Lorraine has a great many tools that she uses in her treatments, a great deal of knowledge about the healing power of tuning forks and also an in-depth understanding of energy. She has an ability to sense, through use of the tuning forks, events and emotions that have affected the etheric body over time.

This can bring emotions and feelings to the surface, but Lorraine is very supportive and further treatments can help to slowly unravel the layers and release old hurts and emotions.

I found it very helpful that Lorraine chased me up for feedback. It helped me to focus on how the treatments had affected me and to take some ownership and self-responsibility for my own healing journey.

Jan B Biofield Tuning, Classic Sound Therapy and Reiki combo