external services for health and wellbeing

I have come across some lovely business owners/practitioners on my own ‘health and wellbeing’ journey. I would like to share these people with you, in case you are interested or in need of a little extra support, or fun!



What do we do at the Cheltenham Integrative Health Clinic?

We believe that wellness is deeply individual: due to the ageing process and health conditions, it should always be an evolving process in achieving your full health potential. One person’s path to optimum health may involve sobriety and a complete overhaul of their diet and lifestyle, another’s may simply involve a glass of meditative red wine and Bio Identical hormones.  Regardless, it’s the holistic picture that matters to us, being mindful that wellness as an active process through which people become aware of and make choices toward a more healthy and successful existence.

This is a biology and holistic based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of health and wellbeing issues.  We recognise the importance of an individualised approach to health concerns, based on nutritional science, genomics, epigenetic and biochemistry. And we ask questions, about your spiritual lives, the food you eat, how you work out, your symptoms and the goals you have.  These answers help us get closer to what “well” means to each person, individually, and combined with the results of your diagnostic testing we provide answers and a unique treatment plan.

Some areas we treat are:

Menopause / Weight gain / Digestive issues / Diabetes / Insomnia / Joint Pain / Depression / Improving Fitness

Contact Pamela Kingston, Monday to Friday 9-5pm


mobile: +44 (0)7926 040118



Shamanic Sound Healing

I offer 1-1 in person and online sessions which provide a safe, sacred space for healing. I use therapeutic sound tools and techniques to help you come back into balance, harmony, inner peace and to feel healthy and relaxed. 


  • Shamanic Healer since 1991
  • Qualified as a Transformational Yoga Teacher
  • Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology
  • Specialising in sacred sound
  • Tutor for the College of Sound Healing and College of Healing
  • I design and deliver workshops, groups and courses around the UK

The tools I use are a blend of ancient and modern sound healing practices, mainly vocal chants and tones, but I also use drum, singing bowls, bells and other instruments. These methods come from ancient shamanic and yogic traditions, which have been used all over the world for thousands of years. These gentle, harmonious sounds rebalance the electromagnetic energy fields in our physical, emotional, mental and subtle energy systems. The sounds are focused into the chakras and the subtle bodies wherever blocks or imbalances are felt. During periods of silence the body/mind absorbs the vibrations and uses them to heal itself. 

The effects of this work can promote deep relaxation and feelings of bliss, as well as emotional balance, mental peace, improvements in physical health and a deeper feeling of connection and harmony with life. My clients have found these practices effectively improve depression, anxiety, stress, and a whole host of physical diseases.