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My journey to discovering sound therapy was long and winding, but each step along the way built upon the previous steps taken.

From 1988 to the present, this has included:

  • Outdoor education instructor
  • Riding School Instructor and Proprietor
  • ‘Animal therapy’ for humans facing challenges
  • Working in the third sector providing skills development opportunities for young people facing challenges
  • Adult education teacher (Cert.Ed. PCE)
  • Bushcraft and ‘green’ therapy – international projects
  • fostering for teenagers with multiple and complex needs
  • 1 academic year’s training in attachment theory / developmental trauma
  • Mental Health First Aider (and ‘physical health’ First Aider)
  • SOUND HEALING PRACTITIONER (voice-based sound therapy modality)
  • BIOFIELD TUNING PRACTITIONER (tuning fork sound therapy modality)
  • VIBRATIONAL FASCIA RELEASE TECHNIQUE THERAPIST (on-body ‘sonic physio’ modality)
  • VIBRATIONAL CHRONO THERAPY (brain-body re-sync using tuning forks)
  • ESSENTIAL OILS PRACTITIONER (consultations face to face or online, buy tailor-made products)