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An affordable and enjoyable way to recharge your batteries, and improve your health and wellbeing!


COVID-19 INFO: Office of National Statistics Excel Sheet Download “Deaths registered in England and Wales 2020” Weekly figures of Non-Covid and Covid deaths, also the 5 year average figures. I used their data to tabulate figures for Weeks 1-46 and weeks 47-52. Links to the relevant ONS website pages at the bottom of the Excel page.

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“relax and recharge”

Bringing harmony to out-of-tune bodies with a mix of Biofield Tuning and Classic Sound Healing

If you have found yourself stressed, anxious, tired or with a ‘flat battery’, join us for a ‘relax and recharge’ tune up!

8.30 – 9.15pm every Thursday on Zoom, £15

ARE YOU A KEYWORKER? If so, I want to offer 4 free ‘Keyworker Relax and Recharge’ group sessions, just for you. Places will be limited to 15 in each session.

Friday 15th Jan / Friday 22nd Jan / Friday 29th Jan/ Friday 5th Feb. Log in for a ‘technical check in’ at 8.20pm, ready to start at 8.30pm. Finish time will be 9.15pm

Read the info/protocol sheet, complete your booking form and email it back to me at to reserve your place.

“Such an incredible experience! Can’t believe how many different  sensations I noticed during the session. I truly feel uplifted and energized!”

Penny, UK, 13th October 2020

what’s it about?

We may not think of our body as vibrational energy but everything in the universe vibrates (quantum physics) and energy never dies (Einstein), it just alters its state.

The body is made of pure energy that vibrates to a sound frequency at its very fundamental being.

When we are ‘in tune’, with our batteries fully charged, our energy is alive, we feel good and we sleep better. When we’re ‘out of tune’ and our batteries are running low, we don’t feel on top form; over time, our health (emotional, mental and physical) is likely to suffer.

The tuning forks I use in Biofield Tuning mirror back to the body any out-of-tune frequencies it is emitting at the time. The body hears this and auto-corrects to a more harmonious state. The aim is to raise our voltage, up the amps, and allow our bodies to self-heal the issues it brings up for attention during a session. This will be enhanced through the gentle use of vocal toning, singing bowls and other instrument

Everyone needs the occasional boost; some need slight tweaking while others need a total overhaul. We can all often drift away from the real purpose and very essence of what life should be about – living it to the fullest of our potential with positive purpose.

The Biofield Tuning and Classic Sound Healing combo is a fabulous way of recharging your batteries and bringing your body into harmony. Just allow the sound vibrations to wash over your body and mind.   The body has a natural pull towards these harmonising sound vibrations and responds with a wonderful relaxation creating the perfect environment for healing.

These session will focus on centring, grounding, and vitality by getting the energy running freely through the body (i.e. the free flow of energy / Chi / Ki through the central channel, or Kundalini).

So, if you have found yourself stressed, anxious, tired or with a ‘flat battery’, join us for a tune up 8.30 – 9.15pm Thursdays, on Zoom, £15

Download the info sheet for more details (and payment instructions).

Download and complete the booking form and email to to reserve your place.

Once you have made your payment via PayPal, I will send you the Zoom link.

2021 Themed Group sound healing


Fortnightly on Tuesdays, starting 5th January

8.30 – 9.15pm, £15 per session

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

We are starting with the Adrenal Glands (all things related to stress – what a great start to the New Year after 2020, Christmas and now Lockdown Number 3!). An Adrenal Reset normally takes 3 sessions to complete so this will be the work of the first 3 sessions (January 5 and 19, and Feb 2nd).  

I am then open to suggestions regarding the order – let me know your thoughts by 19th January and I will finalise the schedule by February 2nd and update this page.

Things I am proposing to cover are:
– Stomach, Small Intestines and Large Intestines (and the gut-brain link, bacteria, parasites, leaky gut syndrome, colitis … etc.). This may take more than 1 session, I think!
– Liver
– Pancreas
– Spleen
– Heart and circulatory system 
– Lungs and Respiritory System 
– Reproductive organs and function
– Pituitary gland
– Pineal gland
– Brain and Central Nervous System (CNS), Vegus Nerve, etc.
– Peripheral Nervous System 
– Lymphatic System
– Eyes 
– Ears
– Skin – the largest organ of the body
– Skeleton
– Muscles

Download the info sheet for more details (and payment instructions).

Download and complete the booking form and email to to reserve your place.


2020: Autumn Series: ‘The 9 Chakras in 5 Sessions’ £15 per session

This autumn, I am running fortnightly sessions working deeply on the main front chakras, working from feet to crown (in the New Year I will be working on the back chakras, the hand chakras, the adrenal glands, amongst others – schedule to follow). As well as using the tuning forks and the Biofield Tuning methods, I may also be guided to use a variety of other sound therapy tools such as vocal toning, drumming, singing bowls and other instrument – let’s see what happens! It will be a fascinating exploration as we listen deeply to the needs our bodies are bringing up for healing. I am excited to embark on this voyage of discovery with you. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Download the info sheet for more details (and payment instructions).

Email your completed booking form to to reserve you place.

Once you have made your payment via PayPal, I will send you the Zoom link.

Session 1 Tue 20th October 2020, 7.15 – 8pm

Feet – the ground we stand on, where we are headed and how we feel about it; wanting to move away from stressors but can’t, mired, feeling stuck

Knees – challenges moving forward, confusion, obstacles; challenges with attachment and letting go

Session 2 Tue 3rd November 2020, 7.15 – 8pm

Root – Business, overdoing, overthinking; things we want to be doing/being/having, unmet needs [overall energy, sense of security, home, tribe]

Sacral – guilt and shame (ours/others/ancestral); frustration and disappointment [sexuality, creativity, intimate relationships, self-worth]

Session 3 Tue 17th November, 7.15 – 8pm

Solar Plexus – anger, relationship will father/male energy; powerlessness, relationship with mother/female energy [self-esteem, goal setting, achievement]

Session 4 Tue 1st December 2020, 7.15 – 8pm

Heart – saying yes when we mean no, caretaking, accommodating; sadness, grief, loss, depression [giving and receiving love]

Throat – speaking but not being heard; that which we do not say or express [communication, inspiration, speaking our truth]

Session 5 Tue 15th December 2020, 7.15 – 8pm

Third eye – thinking about the past; worrying about the future [mental processes, intuition]

Crown – relationship with nature, with time and our connection to Source; being in flow

“A sound therapy session with Lorraine is a flight into your soul were your body becomes light, your pain goes away and all your body, mind, and soul are one in the rhythm of Universal Light. Through the sound vibration, she gently discovers your shadows and lovingly brings you to be aware of them, and love what you were and what you are opening your life to, the way of freedom. Her voice can be calm and protective but sometimes becomes pure silver giving energy and cheerfulness. Thank you, Lorraine!

Elisabetta Magni, Italy

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